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Installation Guides

STEP 1. Begin the installation.

STEP 2. Sign in or create Norton account.

NOTE:If you do not have a Norton account create a new one.

STEP 3. Download installer

NOTE: You may need to look in the downloads folder or on the desktop for the downloaded installer file called NSDownloaderexe.

STEP 4. Begin installation

STEP 5. Agree to terms and conditions

STEP 6. Activate

STEP 7. Installation complete

STEP 1. Begin the installation by clicking the download link in the product e-mail received from

STEP 2. Sign in or create a Norton account as prompted on the web page.

NOTE:If you do not have a Norton account create a new one by clicking the Create Account tab.

STEP 3. Download or send to another recipient. Click the Download button to download on this device or type an e-mail address in the space provided and click the Send button.

STEP 4. Download initiation. Click the Open button to intitialize the download process.

STEP 5. Agree to the terms and conditions by clicking the Agree and Install button.

STEP 6. Download Norton. Enter the Mac username and password as prompted then press the Install Helper button.

STEP 7. Restart the device by clicking the Restart button.

STEP 8. Connect to Norton server. Allow Norton to connect to the server over your internet connection.

STEP 9. Installation completion and Activation. Allow the process to complete.

STEP 10. Installation complete. Norton will display "You are protected" with a green tick!